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What Scent Keeps Bed Bugs Away?

Essential OilsBed bugs are attracted to and deterred by certain scents. For example, it is believed, bed bugs are deterred by peppermint, lavender, and tea tree essential oil scents. Of course, more evidence is needed to back up this theory. But, it is a great place to start a DIY study to determine the effectiveness of specific essential oil scents as bed bug deterrent agents. One specific bed bug deterrent that scientists have evidence to back up is the pheromone secretion generated by bed bug nymphs. The pheromone is part of a safety mechanism nymphs utilize to deter the adult male bed bug from trying to mate with them. While this is an odd, but effective bed bug deterrent, it is impossible to replicate. The nymph pheromone has no impact on the adult female bed bug. It is important to note, bed bug deterrent agents are not going to offer 100 percent protection. However, we believe they can help to some degree to keep you safe during your travels. Bed bugs get from point A to point B by hitchhiking rides with unsuspecting travelers, college students, hospital patients, skilled nursing residents, and hotel patrons. A study conducted by USDA and Rutgers University researchers focused on the effectiveness of several essential oils as a natural bed bug toxin. The study revealed, paraffin and silicone oils contained properties that could eradicate bed bugs in 24 hours. The researchers utilized one part water and three parts silicone oil and one part water and three parts paraffin oil in their study. The solutions were directly applied to live bed bugs. The effectiveness rate was 92 percent. While silicone essential oil was proven to be more effective than paraffin silicone oil, scientists believe both options are safe alternatives to chemical pesticides. Do not hesitate to take advantage of our free bed bug inspection and consultation.

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