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Cleveland Ohio Professional Earwig Pest Control

The earwig is an unsightly pest that infiltrates homes in search of a warm, damp, dark, and discrete hiding place. As a member of the Dermaptera family, the earwig has a long body with abdominal pincers that function in the same manner as tongs and surgical forceps. The insect utilizes its “cerci” when mating, foraging for food, and fighting off enemies. While powerful enough to do damage to other small insect species, the earwig’s cerci will not pierce human or animal skin. In fact, you can pick the insect up and not experience any discomfort.

The earwig has both winged and wingless species. The winged earwig has two sets of wings – posterior (back) and anterior (front). Scientists believe they have uncovered more than 900 Dermaptera species, including the earwig.

The earwig was widely known for a tale that many people was a fable. The tale claims the earwig was initially discovered living in a human brain where it had reproduced. Of course, no one was successful in validating the stay, but this did not deter children from repeating it over and over again.

Why Is My Cleveland Property An Earwig Target?

Earwigs are notorious invaders. They target all houses, commercial buildings, government entities, and public facilities, such as state park bathrooms and enclosed picnic shelters. If the earwig has a choice, it will infiltrate abandoned buildings where there is plenty of discrete places to hide.

The earwig is a nocturnal insect, which means it rests during the day and forages for food at night. Small gaps, cracks, holes, and crevices make the perfect exterior-and-interior access, thanks to the insect’s small size.

Earwigs can be found in areas where humidity levels are high. The insect is drawn to dampness, warmth, and discreteness. They can be found living under kitchen and bathroom sinks, basements, crawlspaces, and sauna rooms.

Do Earwigs Spread Disease To Humans?

There is no evidence that connects earwigs to human or animal diseases. However, they do pose some risks to potted plants. In their natural habitat, the earwig feeds on crops, flowers, and other plants. After a home infiltration, the insects feed on house plants and non-perishable, dry, and other non-refrigerated food products.

The earwig belongs to the insect classification “pantry pest,” an insect species that infiltrate commercial buildings, such as restaurants and diners, as well as houses in search of non-refrigerated food stored in vulnerable packaging.

What Steps Should I Take To Fully Eradicate An Earwig Infestation?

The first step is to request an earwig inspection by contacting our Cleveland location, where we employ a team of the best exterminators in Ohio. Our pest inspections are available to all Cleveland residents for free via appointment only.

While you are waiting on your earwig inspection service request processed, there are a few things you can do to prepare for the exterminator’s arrival. We highly suggest repairing and possibly updating your home’s weak pest barrier. If your home is infested with earwigs, your home’s pest barrier is vulnerable somewhere along the line. To repair the best barrier, utilizing a waterproof caulk or foam insulation to fill in all holes that are accessible for the earwig.

If you utilize mercury or neon vapor outdoor lighting, your home is attracting earwigs. These insects are drawn to bright lights that should be avoided at all costs. Like the earwig, you should try to keep your home discrete, as well as off-limits to the earwig and other insects.

When Can I Expect The Cleveland Exterminator To Perform My Earwig Inspection?

Our Cleveland customer support team needs between 24 to 48 hours to process a pest control service request, including earwig inspections. We highly suggest submitting a pest inspection request upon discovery of the earwigs in your home. Once your request is processed, our customer support team will reach out to you regarding an appointment.

Does Earwig Pest Control Pesticide Pose Environmental Risks?

Yes, when improperly handled, chemical pesticides are very harmful to the environment. Our exterminators have been fully trained to handle, store, and transport all pesticides and insecticides regardless of the formula contain chemicals or not.

In addition to the employee pest control safety training, we work with some of the top pesticide manufacturers in the nation. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires all manufacturers operating in the United States to submit a copy of the ingredients utilized in their pest control products and an explanation of why they believe the ingredients are safe.

We all request our clients to vacate their homes prior to each treatment. Those with respiratory illnesses are prohibited from returning home for up to 24 hours after each treatment.

What Can I Do To Protect My Family And Home From A Repeat Earwig Infestation?

Contact our Cleveland office to request your free pest control consultation. Our exterminators will go over the importance of early detection followed by a full in-home inspection.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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