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Occasional Invaders

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Cleveland OH Professional Occasional Invader Pest Control

Occasional invader is a classification utilized in reference to insect species that occasionally invade houses, public facilities, and government and commercial buildings. These insects are not known to transmit disease or parasites. Most do not even bite humans or animals. Following a home infiltration, occasional invaders immediately initiate a search for warm, dark, damp, and discrete hiding places. They are commonly found indoors hiding in kitchen cabinets, underneath kitchen and bathroom sinks, saunas, crawlspaces, and basements.

Insect species that meet the criteria to be classified as an occasional invader include the following:

Why Is My Home Targeted By Occasional Invaders?

Occasional invaders are drawn to the indoors in the winter months. Insects are not fond of spending the winter outdoors exposed to snow, wind, ice, sleet, rain, and cold temperatures. They infiltrate homes via tiny crevices, gaps, and other openings around window and door frames, basement vents, air conditioning ductwork, thresholds, soffit, and siding.

Do Occasional Invaders Carry Disease And Parasites?

No, occasional invaders have never been associated with animal or human diseases. However, some occasional invader species have been connected to foodborne illnesses. The cluster fly and beetle are two examples of occasional invaders that cause illnesses linked to contaminated water and food.

The onset of occasional invader symptoms includes nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, low-grade fever, and stomach pain.

What Is The Most Effective Occasional Invader Pest Control Strategy?

There is only one pest control strategy that has been shown to be effective for all occasional invader infestations of all severity levels. Our pest management consists of routine visual pest inspections, traps, and industrial-strength pesticides, as well as manpower.

Combating an occasional invader problem is never easy. Just ask those who have been victimized by these insects. They will all agree that the best pest control is one that prevents occasional invaders from infiltrating your home.

We highly suggest sealing in all potential access points with silicone or caulk. Larger openings will need a more drastic approach utilizing customized sheet metal or plywood. You can also alternate from a waterproof sealant to foam insulation to tackle medium-sized openings. Or, combine the products to achieve the maximum results.

When Will The Cleveland Exterminator Arrive At My Home?

On appointment day, the exterminator will reach out to you several hours prior to his/her arrival. We highly recommend being prepared by having all clutter cleared out of the way and pets in a contained area. We need between 24 to 48 hours to process all pest control service requests in Cleveland.

Should I Be Concerned About Pesticide Exposure?

No, we never treat a home while it is occupied with humans or animals. We believe it is safer to wait until the family has vacated the property before initiated a pesticide treatment. Our goal is and always has been to protect our clients and their family and pets from harmful chemical exposure related to pesticides and insecticides.

What Should I Do To Fight Against A Repeat Occasional Invader Infestation?

We highly recommend reaching out to our Cleveland exterminators. If you prefer DIY pest control, you should heed the following tips to ensure the best outcome.

  • Develop a cleaning plan that targets common occasional invader hiding places
  • Remove household waste from the home at least once a day
  • Fill in all openings accessible to occasional invaders with a waterproof sealant or foam insulation
  • Repair or replaced damaged water pipes and faucets
  • Install vents in areas where humidity is a problem
  • Place dehumidifiers in basements and crawlspaces to combat high humidity levels
  • Carefully inspect grocery store bags immediately after bringing them into your home

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