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Box Elder Bugs

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Professional Box Elder Bug Extermination Cleveland OH

Boxelder bugs “boxelder bugs” are small insects that feed on seeds from the box elder, maple, cherry, and ash trees. The adult grows up to 0.5 inches in length, with its notable feature being solid black wings outlined in bright red. These insects are one of the easiest to identify, thanks to their red-outlined black wings.

Boxelder bugs are social insects, increasing the odds of a full-blown infestation in a few short months.

Why Is My Cleveland Property Being A Box Elder Bug Target?

Box elder bugs are drawn to the indoors beginning in the late fall, as part of a safety mechanism in preparation for the winter season. These overwintering pests will opt to spend winter indoors to the outdoors any day of the week. The infiltration of box elder bugs occurs year after year. Like bears, prairie dogs, hedgehogs, and bats, the box elder bug enters a hibernation-like state known as overwintering before or after the winter season kicks in.

Are Box Elder Bug Infestations Unhealthy?

Of course, insect infestations, including box elder bug infestations do pose health problems for humans. Even though these insects do not transmit disease to humans, they can be a plague on society in general. This can also be said about all insect infestations, whether it is cockroaches, stinkbugs, termites, or box elder bugs. When humans are victimized by a colony of insects, they oftentimes struggle to contain their emotions. In fact, many insect infestation victims have reportedly experienced severe anxiety, stress, and paranoia. Some have reached out to their local medical community for assistance while others opt to suffer alone.

How Do I Prepare For A Professional Extermination For Box Elder Bugs?

We suggest initiating a strategy that targets your home’s weak pest barrier. Yes, all buildings, including houses, government buildings, public facilities, and commercial establishments have barriers that keep human and insect intruders at bay. These barriers are made up of entrance doors, garage doors, floors, ceilings, and walls. Even newly built buildings can have vulnerable pest barriers, due to development flaws.

A vulnerable pest barrier could be contributed to something as small as a gap between the floor and entrance door threshold. The box elder bug’s small size permits it to infiltrate buildings through the tiniest crack.

Can I Opt For DIY Box Elder Bug Control?

Yes, but you must remember this is a social insect that travels and lives in colonies. It is unfortunate, but box elder bug infestations are complex, requiring a complex pest control strategy. However, we do recommend over-the-counter insecticides and pesticides to no pest control intervention. If something is not done to stop these insects from invading your home, a full-blown infestation will be inevitable.

How Do I Schedule A Box Elder Bug Inspection In Cleveland?

Simple, reach out to our Cleveland-based pest control company where you will have access to expert information, recommendations, and tips. We suggest not delaying your box elder bug service request because we need between 24 to 48 hours to process it. The demand for pest control services in Cleveland continues to increase, putting a lot of pressure on local exterminators to work longer hours and on weekends.

Do Box Elder Bug Extermination Products Contain Harmful Ingredients?

Some pest control formulas do contain chemicals that have been shown to harm the environment when misused and mishandled. To protect our clients during a treatment utilizing chemical-based pesticides, we only work in unoccupied homes and businesses.

Our organic EPA-approved pesticides and insecticides do not contain chemicals, allowing our exterminators to treat human- and pet-occupied buildings. Please feel free to request information about our eco-friendly pest control line.

What Steps Should I Take To Keep My Family And Home From Dealing With A Repeat Box Elder Infestation?

The first step is to contact our Cleveland location to schedule a free pest control prevention consultation. We will set down with you and your family to develop a box elder bug prevention strategy that will offer 100 percent effectiveness. During the process, our exterminators will visually inspect your home to determine if the prevention strategy is effective or ineffective. After each inspection visit, we will adjust the strategy accordingly.

We also offer free pest inspections and service estimates by appointment only.

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