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Cleveland Ohio Professional Ladybug Pest Control

The ladybug is a small insect with shell-like wings and a body that ranges between orange, red, and yellow with black polka dots. The adult grows up to 0.5 inches in length. The head, two antennas, and three sets of legs are solid black.

Scientists have identified more than 5,000 Coccinellidae members, including the ladybug “Asian lady beetle”. Ladybugs are both nuisance pests and helpful insects. As a helpful insect, the ladybug picks up pollen from a male plant and transports it to a female plant. This process is known as pollination.

There are 450 Coccinellidae members found in North America. The diet consists of mealybugs, scale insects, dust mites, and aphids, which is where the ladybug plays a role in helping farmers protect their crops. Coccinellidae is a beetle family.

Why Is My Cleveland Home A Ladybug Target?

Ladybugs are drawn to the indoors beginning in late fall, just in time for the upcoming winter season. These overwintering insects spend the winter season in a deep sleep, similar to hibernation. Overwintering begins as the winter season kicks, continuing until the weather warms up in late spring or early summer.

Small exterior-to-interior crevices are utilized to infiltrate houses, commercial buildings, and public facilities. The only way to keep the insects in their natural habitat is to repair all vulnerabilities in your home’s pest barrier. Utilize a waterproof caulk to close up tiny holes, foam insulation for medium-sized homes, and customized plywood or metal sheeting for larger holes.

Do Ladybugs Carry Diseases That Are Harmful To Humans?

No, ladybugs are not disease-transmitting insects. Industrial and commercial farmers believe the ladybug is more helpful than a nuisance, but victims tend to disagree. The pollinator plays a major role in the production of some crops – corn, watermelons, and strawberries.

While it may be difficult to believe, the ladybug does bite when under attack or threatened. However, the ladybug bite is harmless but may cause a mild allergic reaction in some people.

The insect’s most intrusive is a foul odor that is contributed to a safety mechanism secretion. The ladybug releases the foul-smelling secretion when under threat and stressed. The foul odor is supposed to protect the ladybug from becoming a victim of the dragonfly, assassin bug, robbery fly, and praying mantis.

What Is The Best Ladybug Extermination Strategy?

If you are looking for a quick resolution for your ladybug infestation, we highly recommend our professional pest control. We combine routine visual inspection with industrial-strength pesticides to ensure the maximum results.

While ladybugs target buildings, they spend the winter season in an overwintering state. Instead of stirring around for months, the ladybug enters a deep sleep. Contrary to belief, the ladybug does not stay put while in the overwintering state. The insect can move around and change positions, but never ingests food until warm weather arrives the following year.

Do You Recommend DIY Pest Control Products For Ladybug Infestations?

No, because ladybug infestations can be complex in many cases. Do-it-yourself pest control products are not nearly as potent as our industrial-strength pesticide formulas. When you compare these two treatment options, it is obvious our professional pest control is more suitable for ladybug infestations.

Our pest control consists of an initial ladybug inspection, followed by two separate pesticide treatments, and a post-treatment inspection. Visual inspections are crucial for pest control because they help exterminators determine the effectiveness of customized treatments.

Since ladybugs do not erect nests, an extensive search is necessary for locating the insects’ hiding places.

Unfortunately, not all ladybugs will achieve success in their infiltration attempts. The unlucky ladybugs will be forced to spend the winter outdoors, exposed to the elements. To stay safe and as warm as possible, the ladybug will take refuge under loose tree bark, in shrubs, damaged siding, and underneath downed trees.

How Should I Prepare For The Professional Ladybug Inspection?

You can prepare by repairing your home’s weak pest barrier. Utilizing a waterproof caulk or foam insulation to fill in ladybug access points around windows, air conditioner ductwork, basement vents, damaged siding, and fascia.

We need up to 48 hours to process your pest inspection request. Once the processing is complete, one of our knowledgeable customer support members will reach out to you via email, text, or landline.

Does Chemical Pest Control Products Harm The Environment?

Yes, when improperly handled, stored, and transported. We utilize special techniques to handle pesticides and insecticides that contain chemicals. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has taken the steps to develop guidelines to help exterminators protect the environment and humans when utilizing chemical-based pesticides.

We have joined forces with some of Ohio’s top pesticide manufacturers to take pest control safety to the next level.

How Do I Protect My Family And Home From A Repeat Ladybug Infestation?

By reaching out to our Cleveland extermination team, you are protecting your family and assets from future ladybug attacks. Our professional ladybug control is affordable and readily accessible to all Cleveland consumers.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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