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Professional Beetle Pest Control Cleveland OH

Beetles are small insects known as “pantry pest,” an insect that infiltrates pantries to access non-perishable food products. There are thousands of species of beetles, many of which have three pairs of legs, two sets of wings secured in “elytra,” shell-like cases. The most common beetle sightings in Cleveland involve the ground, longhorn, and post beetles.

Every beetle species has physical characteristics that make it unique. For example, the Bess beetle is solid black while the powderpost beetle is reddish/orange. The blister beetle is solid black with yellow markings of various shapes.

Why Is My Cleveland Home Invested With Beetles?

The beetle is drawn to rotting woodpiles and wooden structures like fences and gate posts. These insects are also drawn to wood debris and bright lighting on porches and through windows.

Do Exterminators Believe Beetles Pose Human Health Risks?

No, beetles do not transmit diseases to humans or animals. These insects are considered a nuisance, not a health risk. However, some beetle species have been associated with food- and water-borne illnesses. Pantry pest beetles infiltrate homes to access a new food supply. Once inside the home, beetles immediately initiate a search for non-refrigerated food products stored in vulnerable packaging – paperboard and thin plastic bag.

Beetle foodborne illnesses are related to contaminated food and water supply. Beetles ingest contaminated food that is released from the body through fecal matter. While foraging food, beetles drop feces in the home’s food source.

What Is The Most Commonly Recommended Pest Control Strategy For Beetle Infestations?

Professional pest control is highly recommended for beetle infestations in all settings and all phases of the life cycle. Our professional pest management involves routine visual pest inspections, traps, and industrial-strength insecticides. Our exterminators are fully trained to inspect, exterminate, and prevent beetle infestations in commercial, industrial, and residential settings.

Will DIY Pest Control Products Fully Eradicate A Severe Beetle Infestation?

We do not believe DIY, low-strength pesticides will have much impact on a severe beetle infestation. These over-the-counter pest control products may work for mild pest infestations in the early phases. If your end goal is full extermination, we cannot recommend over-the-counter pesticides. We can recommend our professional pest management because it is flexible, regardless of severity and insect involvement.

When Will The Exterminator Show Up At My Home To Conduct The Beetle Inspection?

We always contact our clients before arriving at their homes. Once your pest control service request is received at our Cleveland location, we will immediately initiate processing. In most cases, processing a beetle inspection request takes between 24 and 48 hours.

We permit our clients to choose a date for their beetle inspection to avoid any surprises. Our exterminators will contact you regarding an appointment date. Once you choose the date, we will contact our customer support team to determine our availability on that date.

Do I Need To Be Concerned About Chemical Pesticide Exposure During The Treatment Process?

No, our exterminators will not initiate a chemical-based pesticide treatment in a pet- or human-occupied home infested with beetles. Once the home is vacated, we will then bring in our equipment and supplies to prepare the home for the initial treatment.

Our pest control products are comprised of pesticides and insecticides approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA is a federal government agency that is responsible for pesticide oversight.

Can I Get A Free Written Beetle Pest Control Quote?

Yes, we offer free pest control service quotes that are provided on paper. We will honor the quote for up to two weeks past the initial request. Our exterminators will examine your home to determine the severity of the infestation before providing you and your family with a written quote.

We understand a consumer’s financial status plays a major role in pest control services. Cleveland consumers who are on a strict budget should always request a free pest control service quote in advance. The written quote will ensure you stay within your budget and still achieve successful extermination.

What Is The Best Beetle Control Strategy?

Cleveland consumers have two pest control options – DIY and professional, the latter being the best option for moderate to severe beetle infestations. It is not unusual for beetles to be accompanied by other insects in a home infiltration.

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