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Top Bed Bug Hiding Places

Bed bugs do not just exhibit nocturnal behavior but also detective behavior as well. When you combine these two unique behaviors, you get an insect that is deceptive and active at night. However, there is one exception to this theory. This exception has to do with the host’s sleeping pattern. If the bed bug’s host works at night and sleeps during the day, the bed bug will alternative its schedule to meet its feeding needs. Adult bed bugs are generally no larger than 7 millimeters long. So, they can easily access tiny crevices and gaps in search of a discrete, dark, and warming hiding place. During a full-blown infestation, bed bugs are forced out of the host’s bed and into other areas nearby. In these cases, bed bugs can be hiding just about anywhere within a short distance of the host’s bed.

Most Commonly Reported Bed Bug Hiding Spots

Mattress And Box Spring

If bed bugs live next to their hosts, it only makes sense that they would hide in mattresses and box springs. The insect has an amazing ability to know when its host is asleep. Thanks to the human body’s generation of carbon dioxide and heat, bed bugs know when it is safe to feed. The first place our exterminators look for bed bugs in homes, hotels, college dorms, hospitals, and skills nursing facilities is the mattress, followed by the box spring.

Bed Frame

When the colony grows to a significant size, some bed bugs are forced to take refuge somewhere else besides the mattress and box spring. In this case, the insect will opt for small cracks and gaps in the host’s bed frame.

Bed Linen

Bed bugs will also hide in bed linen until they are ready to feed. This is unfortunate because soon after, their presence will surely be discovered. To get rid of bed bugs hiding in bed linen, we suggest a laundry cycle. Select the maximum temperature and 15-minute setting for both the washer and dryer.

Carpet And Throw Rugs

Bed bugs can also be founding hiding in carpet and throw rug fibers. They will burrow in the fibers to protect themselves in the event someone makes a sudden step in their direction. In most cases, bed bugs will opt for the carpet underneath the host’s bed.

Sofa And Upholstery Furniture

If the host has a habit of sleeping on the sofa, the bed bug will not be far away. Upholstery makes the ideal hiding place for bed bugs. The insects burrow their bodies into the fibers and remain there until the host falls asleep. The bed bug’s body is reddish/brown, allowing it to blend in with some décor and pieces of furniture.

What May Surprise You About The Bed Bug Hiding Place

Bed bugs love frequent travelers because they utilize them to hitchhike rides from one place to another.

Suitcase And Overnight Bag

The bed bug will hop into suitcases and overnight bags to travel from point A to point B. While the insect has no idea where it is going, it is just happy to find what it believes is a new host. Bed bug infestations are very commonly reported in temporary rental facilities like hotels, motels, inns, bed & breakfasts, and cabins.

Hanging Wall Decoration

When the host’s bed becomes overcrowded, some bed bugs will relocate to hiding places in close range. Bed bugs can be found hiding behind hanging wall decorations, such as art and family photo frames, and other pieces of décor. They will also take refuge in desktop décor like candle holders, jewelry boxes, and other whatnots.


A lot of people keep books close to their bed because they like reading at night. Reading at night is a good idea. Just remember that your books might become a hiding place from bedbugs. They can hide in the gap between the spine of the book and its binding.


You may have a nightstand next to your bed. If you do, you’ll want to check it for bedbugs too. These critters can easily hide in this furniture and come out to suck your blood at night.


You can find bedbugs hiding in your electronics. They can slip through the small vent holes and hide with the warm internal components. Bedbugs can hide in many electronic devices, including televisions, gaming consoles, computers, tablets, and more. They often stay close to the bed so they may hide in your alarm clock. You’ll also need to worry about the items hiding beneath your bed. You likely have a lot of items stored in boxes under your bed. Well, you have to understand that bedbugs can climb inside of those boxes and live there. Make sure that the boxes are airtight to prevent this from happening. Bedbugs can live throughout the home in various hiding places. Be careful. If you find bedbugs in your home, call an exterminator.

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