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Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling

When traveling the country, you’ll want to do everything you can to prevent bedbugs from invading your luggage. Staying at a motel with bedbugs will indeed lead to big issues in the future. To avoid such problems, you should pay close attention to the SLEEP acronym.

S – Surveying

When entering a motel room, take the time to survey it. Check the room carefully to make sure it doesn’t have any bedbugs. Check the sheets, mattress, and pillowcases. You’ll want to survey the room thoroughly before agreeing to stay there. If you find bedbugs in the room, don’t stay. Talk to the motel manager and get a refund. You’ll also have to smell the room. If the room has bedbugs, it will smell sweet and musty.

L – Lifting & Looking

If you haven’t found bedbugs yet, you’ll need to go in for a deeper look. You’ll want to begin lifting and looking more thoroughly. Remove the sheets from the mattress. Then, lift the mattress and look under it. Check both sides carefully. Next, you’ll want to look under the furniture and bed frame. You can also try checking the pictures hanging on the motel walls. If there are bedbugs in the room, lifting and looking will help you find them.

E – Elevate

Are you positive that the room doesn’t have bedbugs? Even if you are, you should do what you can to protect yourself. You never know so it is best to be safe. To avoid problems, you should do what you can to prevent bedbugs from climbing into your luggage. Grab the room’s luggage rack and move it to the middle of the room. Place your luggage and other items on the luggage rack. Doing so will prevent bedbugs from climbing the walls and climbing into your luggage.

E – Examine

When you finally return home, you’ll want to carefully examine your belongings. You don’t want to bring bedbugs home with you. To avoid such problems, examine your belongings in an outside room. Open your luggage in a utility room or garage. Check your belongings carefully to make sure that they do not contain bedbugs.

P – Place

Finally, you’ll want to place your clothes in your dryer. Turn on the dryer and switch it to the hottest setting. Let the dryer run for 15 minutes at this setting. Once you’ve done that, it will eliminate the bedbugs hiding on your clothes. If you find bedbugs in your home, contact an exterminator and let them fix the problem.

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