Common Methods Of Bed Bug Extermination Cleveland Ohio

Common Methods Of Bed Bug Extermination Cleveland Ohio


Bed bugs are small insects that multiply very quickly. This basically means that if you are dealing with 10 bedbugs today, next week you may be dealing with 50. Dealing with this type of infestation is not a joke, even for tenants of apartment complexes. Regardless of your living situation, a bed bug infestation must be approached accordingly. While mild infestations can be handled with over-the-counter insecticides, more severe cases call for more drastic measurements, which may consist of one or more treatment methods. Below, you will discover the most common methods of bed bug extermination utilized in Cleveland, Ohio.


Bed Bug Traps

Traps that consist of a sticky substance are often utilized to treat mild bed bug infestations. These devices are designed to capture bed bugs of all sizes. Once the trap is completely filled with these insects, it is to be disposed of properly. The trap must be replaced to prevent the recurring problems. Some people will utilize these traps even though they do not have a bedbug problem. They can safely be utilized in skilled nursing homes, hospitals, retail stores, nurseries and college dorms, where bed bug infestations are a common problem.


Most exterminators combine traps with other treatment methods, such as insecticides and heat. Be sure to ask your exterminator about these devices, because they can prove to be a valuable tool for eradicating bed bug infestations.



Insecticides specially designed to kill bed bugs are available at big box, home and garden and some retail stores. Depending on the severity of your bed bug infestation, over-the-counter insecticides are very effective. For more severe cases, commercial-grade insecticides will be required. These products are typically only available through a licensed extermination company. Insecticides are available in spray and powder form, but the spray tends to work better and on contact.



Cryonite is a fairly new bed bug treatment. This particular treatment utilizes gas to freeze and eradicate bed bugs. However, it is only available through a licensed extermination service provider. When it comes to dealing with severe bed bug infestations, cryonite is sometimes the only treatment option that will work. Depending on how determined you are to get rid of the bedbugs overtaking your home and your cashflow, cryonite may be the solution to your problem.



Heat has been utilized for several decades to kill bed bugs on contact. From the common housewife who puts their bed bug-infested clothing in the washer and dryer on the maximum temperature setting to exterminators who rely on large heaters to produce heat, this treatment has proven to be very valuable. While some consumers do not want to spend the extra money on heat treatments, others will not hesitate because they know that it is one of the most effective options available.



Steam is very effective and common bed bug treatment. Exterminators utilize machines to produce steam that is then applied to the interior of homes and other building structures. The steam is so hot that it kills bed bugs on contact. If applied correctly, steam treatment can get rid of every single bed bug living in your home.



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